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About Matshtik

The Matshtik Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization originally formed by the Fixler Family to award scholarships for excellence in academics and sports. It has since developed into a foundation aimed towards lending assistance to families that have suffered a tragic loss and to distressed and infirm individuals and families from local communities in honor of Mathew Fixler, who lost his life in a tragic jet ski accident in 1994.

Mathew Fixler was born in June 1982 and spent the next twelve years bringing joy to all those around him, most of all his family. Always concerned for the feelings of those around him, Mathew would regularly take the short end of the stick to make sure that everyone experienced the joys in life that came to him so naturally. He learned from a very early age from his parents and siblings that life meant nothing if not shared and enjoyed with others and that everyone’s feelings mattered, even if spared at his own expense. Mathew lived these lessons everyday, was fast to make friends and was considered a leader, being voted class president by his peers. Through hard work and dedication, Mat excelled in all facets of his life, academic honors, excellence in basketball, baseball and track, and a work in progress with the piano and violin, all until his untimely demise from injuries sustained in a July 19, 1994 Jet Ski accident. Since that day, Mat’s parents, Elliot and Lorraine Fixler have continued in their tireless effort to keep his memory alive through the Matshtik Foundation, a charity formed and aimed towards supporting those less fortunate who best exemplify the qualities that best reflect the man the Mat was growing into before his life was cut short.

Doing what they thought Mat would have wanted after his passing, Elliot and Lorraine first donated the Jet Ski’s to a local water safety program. They followed by donating Mat’s organs so that other less fortunate souls could live more full lives. They found a picture that Mat had drawn, screened it onto shirts and designated it the logo symbolizing a charitable foundation that they envisioned would keep Mat’s memory alive by doing what Mat made look so easy in his short time: reaching out and lending a hand to those most in need of one. For the past sixteen years, the Matshtik Foundation has awarded scholarships for excellence in academics and sport, lent assistance to families who have suffered a tragic loss and to distressed and infirm individuals and families from upstate New York to Florida, and has sponsored and participated in events run by sister charities in an effort to raise money for causes that would have filled Mat’s heart to contribute to.